Zhonghua Traditional Snacks

Zhonghua Traditional Snacks on 13 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, CB1 2LD

I’ve discovered Zhonghua Traditional Snacks not too long ago, but since stumbling upon this little gem, I’ve been having craving attacks for its noodles and dumplings. Located a couple of stores down from CB2 on Norfolk Street, this cozy little restaurant which houses probably at most 10 tables provides its patrons with Chinese handmade delicacies. You can find many locals in here as well as people who just have good taste for Chinese food.

Zhonghua’s Braised Tender Beef Soup Noodles

The first meal I had was their braised tender beef soup noodles. I loved the texture of their handmade noodles–thin and just a little chewy but still melts favoringly in the mouth. The light but flavorful broth hits the spot, especially on a chillier day. The combination, with beef, bok choi and coriander, comes out to 5 pounds.

My boyfriend has a penchant for juicy bitesized parcels, so his discovery of Zhonghua’s kimchi and pork potstickers has kept his palates very happy:

Kimchi & Pork Potsicker

This was originally advertised as kimchi & pork dumplings, but as my boyfriend likes his food more fried than boiled, they were able to potstickerize it for an extra 50 pence. The total for 12 of these potstickers came out to 6.50 pounds. My bf tends to dip these already flavorful fillings into his concoction of soy sauce, vinegar, minced garlic sauce and a dab of chili oil, which are provided on each table.

Dumpling condiments: soy sauce, vinegar, chili oil, minced garlic

12 Homemade Kimchi & Pork Potstickers

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2 thoughts on “Zhonghua Traditional Snacks

  1. Have walked past many times tho not yet been in – the food sounds delicious so I will make sure I pay them a visit soon 🙂

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